We like to keep things straight forward. You know from the beginning what you can expect from us.


  • a. Assessment of your production process
  • b. Consulting regarding your product design
  • c. Consulting as to whether developing from scratch or adapting or upgrading existing equipment is the best way to go
  • d. Workshops and kickoffs in order to get your project idea transformed into state-of-the-art target specifications


  • a. Turn-key solutions for basic IML robots or feeders (lid, container, bucket, pail) with round, oval, rectangular or square shapes
  • b. Development of new robots or redesigning existing ones
  • c. Reprogramming of old systems in order to optimize or enhance production cycles
  • d. Ergonomic, user-friendly design to make maintenance by your staff easier


  • a. Test run in our own production facilities
  • b. Testing and optimizing on-site


  • a. Remote maintenance
  • b. On-the-job training for your staff
  • c. Customized service packages to meet your needs
  • d. Debriefings in order to transform customer experience into design improvement